Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Police>Puff Daddy>Deerhunter

The other day I was listening to "Never Stops," Deerhunter, and all of a sudden all I could think about was P. Diddy. Now how Deerhunter worked P.Diddy into my brain, at the time, was a mystery. But then I put it on repeat and repeat and repeat and finally relized how this song actually sounds a lot like "I'll be Missing You." So naturally I pulled up youtube and did a quick search, and the first one to pop up is P. Diddy singing this song with Sting at the VMA awards in 1997, an event I most definatly did not miss as a pop obsessed 9 year old. And then Sting started singing, which made me remember that P.Diddy had sampled that gutair line from The Police, "Every Breath You Take".
So basically, if you listen very closely on repeat and repeat and repeat you can tell that "Never Stops" is actually inspired from P.Diddy, which was inspired from Biggie Smalls, which was sampled from The Police, who wanted to stalk some chick.
Was Bradford Cox listening to The Police, or P.Diddy? My vote goes to P.Diddy.

Listen to the evolution, tell me if I'm crazy:

The Police

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